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Parasol Doll Macaron Dresses

Maggie BairdComment

My recent crafting time has been spent sewing up batches of Parasol Doll Macaron Dresses!
I started sewing for dolls when I was about 5 years old. When I discovered Blythe as an adult, I found the perfect muse for my handcrafting tendencies. I've been sewing and knitting for my personal doll collection for 10 years and my doll brand, Parasol Doll, is turning six this year! Designing dolly clothing has been a really rewarding part of my life. I have been inspired, creatively engaged, learned lots, and have made some of the greatest friends of all time! 


Parasol Doll Macaron Dresses In Progress

Parasol Doll Macaron Dresses In Progress