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Off & On

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… the needles that is! 

Off: I recently finished the Follow Your Arrow Mystery Shawl KAL by Ysolda Teague.  
This is my third mystery shawl KAL and I've firmly decided they are not for me. I decided to do this one because I trust Ysolda's designs implicitly and I had an awesome group of fellow knitters who dived in with me.

Over all, this was a good experience. I made myself let go and give in to the adventure. I made my decisions for clues based on the instructions and peeked at spoilers after I had made my choice. The only time I changed my mind was on the very last clue - a knit on edging was taking me forever, so I ripped back and did the other equally as beautiful clue. I even resisted the urge to make a single modification - until the cast-off! I did a picot edge to be reminiscent of arrow fletching.

In the end, I found the design to be a little unbalanced. The first two clues (out of five) created a dense fabric and then the rest of the clues were beautiful, arrow-esque, lace patterns. If I could do it all over again, I would do a lacy, more open beginning. The best part of this KAL was seeing all of the different combinations and yarns people used. So much diversity and lot of fun!

Emiko's first modeling job!

Emiko's first modeling job!

On: With the shawl hot off the needles, I decided to cast-on a sweater! Inspired by my upcoming class, I chose to knit Amélie by Gudrun Johnston. Amélie has been sitting at #3 in my Ravelry Queue since it's debut 7 months ago. The simple vintage style design is punctuated by such sweet details. I plan on making the sleeves three-quarter length and I hope to be wearing at class!

I am knitting the sweater from a new-to-me yarn, Esopus Sock by Jill Draper Makes Stuff in Mourning Dove, a blue-toned, soft grey. I was immediately attracted to the squishy high twist and the yardage. It swatched beautifully and so far, the results are fantastic. I am looking forward to where Jill Draper takes her yarn line since she's committed to sourcing and spinning yarn locally. 

Yarn P0rn - Esopus Sock by Jill Draper Makes Stuff in Mourning Dove

Yarn P0rn - Esopus Sock by Jill Draper Makes Stuff in Mourning Dove

It would seem I have an affinity for Scottish designers!